Samples of our work

Image of our samples cutting warehouse
Moodboards used for the creation of new collections while presenting trends to customer.
Colour cards per season with ready for delivery fashion colours in many qualities.
High summer colours based on jersey viscose fabrics.
Article hangers prepared in the sample room ready for deliver to customers.
Fashionable black and white jacquard fabrics presented as a family.
High fashion printed fabrics are presented with every collection. High quality clear prints comprise an integal part of every season collections.
Digital prints are continually updated and offer the flexibillity of quick deliveries with low minimums.
An aspect of our offices.
Rolls in front of our offices waiting for shipment to customers.
Combinations and mix-match qualities prepared in groups for better visualisation by customers.
Trendy and classic items presented in their respective families
Sample requests are carefully examined and cut by hand.
Preparation of the mood boards that complete the presentation of our collection.
High summer printed fabrics in a variety of base qualities.
Digital prints being prepared and checked before shipment to a customer.
Winter article arrivals in preparation for next season.
 Preprepared summer colour cards ready for the selling season. 
The original cash register used by our company at its founding. 
Collections ready for shipment to our agents.
The sample room ready for action.